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Welcome To The World Of SaffaLondon

Founded in 2015 Saffa London is a company that specialises in perfumery and fragrance. Offering elegantly designed perfumes, Saffa’s ingredients are derived from places all around the globe. Each fragrance is a concoction of highly obtained oil, consisting of layered notes, slowly revealing a different scent as the perfume matures. Hand-picked flower extracts acquired from different continents are fused within the perfume creating an aromatic fragrance. Saffa incorporates many delicate oils when producing her perfumes, however the most prized oil that sparkled the very beginning of her journey was the oil off the very famous Aquilaria tree; oud. It is highly valued for its warm sweetness combined with woody and balsamic aroma. Only the most delicate ingredients are used for each perfume. Our objective is to modernise the concept of luxury perfume.