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Here's to 2019

What a year 2019 has been. The ups and downs we've encountered have now led us to a brand new decade - a clean slate. An opportunity to go after everything you've always dreamed of. Being able to say that it has been five years since my company first began, is something of a dream but I can finally say that I'm here. It has been a difficult journey mentally. The first year of business was great and we had a number of sales however this high quickly came to a low. The next few years didn't look bright, yet as a team we perservered and invested into a store in our local town. This was our first major move as we were the proud owners of a perfume store. We put our heart and soul into renovating the place and though it was small, we believed it was mighty. I must say that sales did increase and now people were finally recognising our brand. It was a momentous moment for us all. Again however, we reached a point where sales stunted and faith was beginning to fade which was not good. Fast forwarding a year, we thought it was best to let go of the shop. I thought all hope was lost but I told myself what have I to lose. I put everything into this project and  gave it one last shot. Ironically it worked. When I thought everything was falling apart, really it was falling into place. So maybe this was my lesson. Not to give up hope on the things that really matter. I can now say that I am the proud owner of a perfume company whether we are riding highs or lows. With a little faith anything can happen. On that note, I am going into this new decade with my heels firm on the ground and my head held high  and I hope whoever is reading this, don't give up faith. The universe has a plan for you. Happy new year everyone.